Monday, November 1, 2010

Flood Strikes!

Almost three days of nonstop rain in Vicenza and east of Verona have caused major flooding in the province. By Saturday, the skies were so dark due to the clouds that something like this was almost inevitable. By this afternoon, towns and cities especially next to major waterways and rivers have been inundated. Vicenza could only sit and wait for the Bacchaglione to spill over its streets. Autostrade were closed down causing major traffic across the Veneto. Fortunately I live in higher grounds and I was at work most of the time to see much of the damage, but I'm afraid to go down to my basement and see a a swimming pool or a mold lab. We'll see. But in the absence of pictures taken by yours truly, some videos from youtube--

East of Verona, shutting down A4 going west

Near Soave

The extent of the damage in Vicenza, hopefully...

Into the night, some lights are out in Vicenza and residents can only wait for the waters to recede

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