Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowshoeing in Asiago

My first real snowshoe hike, to relatively flat Asiago so I don't fall to my death if I happen to trip on my rackets. The weather was definitely nicer the day prior, but at least it was not windy and snowing violently. Enjoy!

Nice views of the surrounding mountains. The next picture is from the same area in summertime. I like the snow, but I won't miss it when spring and summer rolls around.

Our destination: Forte Corbin, an Italian fort built in preparation to WW1. There were a total of seven forts built along this area (which used to be Italy's border with the Austro-Hungarian Empire), in retaliation to the seven forts built by the Austrians out of mistrust towards their southern "allies" due to Italy's claim to Trentino.

A great way to end any hike...a beer in Birreria Summano. In the summer, the pub is popular with hikers and motorcyclists. In the winter, the crowd changes to the cross-country skiers coming back from Asiago.

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  1. Those are really beautiful shots and I can't wait for us to get out for some snowshoeing further north.

    About the "baracchino filippino", you might find the following italian link interesting. I learned about them from my PappaMondo Milano guidebook but they have neither phone number or business hours listed on the page. I probably won't get to check them out until next year, but in the meantime whenever I need any filipino ingredients I always go to Mabuhay grocery on via Parmigianino. Oh, and the American Donuts? Been there!