Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Blog's New Year Resolutions

Saying goodbye to 2010 in Zagreb

I don't know about you, but I like making new year resolutions. It's almost like a curse: call them resolutions, and they are bound to fail. But I'm always optimistic for a new year. It gives me renewed hope, renewed focus on things I value but have not paid much attention lately, and renewed energy to move towards bigger and better goals. Do most of my resolution fail by year's end? Yes, but it shouldn't--and doesn't--stop me from setting a standard or ideal that I must--and do--strive for.

In this spirit, here are my resolutions for this blog. I know at this point not a whole lot of folks are visiting this site yet, but I want to have more visitors, if only to introduce more people to the things I find interesting and fascinating as it relates to my European adventure. Hopefully all of them work out. If not, well...I will welcome 2012 with open arms!

1. Get more people reading! It's more interesting when blog posts are complemented by hearty discussions in the comments section. It is also satisfying to know that i'm not speaking in a void. Ergo, I must have more visitors to the blog!

2. Get my film series up and running again. It's sad for someone who actually studied film in college to be writing more blog entries about beer. (Actually scratch that...it makes sense.) But fear not. I'll have more discussions about Italian film and relate them to the contemporary Italy that I experience everyday. (That sounds like it will only appeal to students of film trying to find topics for essays, but I aim to float all boats.) I'll also try to review the less popular, more obscure Italian films, with the hopes that someday people will talk about a Rome lit not by Fellini, but by Dario Argento.

3. Interview Italian microbrewers. Italian beer is getting more popular as the European cousin to the cutting-edge craft beer scene in the US. However, outside of the breweries in Lombardy and Piedmont, not a whole lot of information about the Italian beer scene circulate outside the country, much less in a language other than Italian. Every few weeks or so I will post an interview of an Italian microbrewer to get a sense from the brewers themselves of the Italian beer scene and to gain a better understanding of what dictates beer-making in a country that doesn't really have a beer tradition.

4. More photo-only posts. Yeah I know, I already have these. But I speak better in images, and I'm better at giving ideas about a place if I just let the camera do the talking.

So there you are. Not too grandiose, not too meager. Hopefully I get to successfully complete each one. Wish me luck!

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