Monday, April 4, 2011

Vicenza Before a Storm

Unfortunately, I only had my camera phone with me, but this was the scene from Monte Berico as Vicenza braced for a mean (yet brief) storm.  The winds whipped up dust clouds and flying plastic bags, and the rain soaked the northeastern corner of the province, but what my low-fi camera failed to show is the tall Monte Pasubio illuminated by the setting sun, struggling to shine through the dark clouds.  The light further split the city in two: the red tiled roofs of the historic city center and the dark, industrial west filled with tall apartment buildings covered in soot.  Despite the cold and the wind, a few spectators rushed to the top of the hill to experience a rare moment of clarity when one could really get an idea of the tall mountains that border the city from the north.  A perfect spring dusk.

1 comment:

  1. Nice John, even with said camera phone. I can tolerate rainy days so much more knowing the delight that follows.