Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Blues

It's cold, I'm sick, and looking forward to yet another weekend of laziness, brought on by my inherent fear of misreading the weather and going out with one less layer than necessary. Although it has been--and hopefully, will be--a relatively mild winter, the cold still gets to me, and the short days make daytimes spent inside cold offices seem such painful wastes of possibilities. I'm looking forward to warmth, sun, green, and the outdoors again. To outdoor grills, shorts and t-shirts, and knowing that the solution to weather-related discomfort is simply to remove another layer. To restaurants setting tables in the courtyard, cafes lit by dappled sunlight, and bars that cannot help but spill out into the lively streets. To pleasant walks, fulfilling jogs, and looking forward to leaving the office, knowing that the day still leaves one three hours of daylight to enjoy. Spring cannot come soon enough.

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