Thursday, March 3, 2011

Andrea Palladio Recognized by the US Congress

Original document downloaded from here

Watch out: the recent celebrations of Palladio's 500th birthday gave me an idea. I'm in Vicenza, yet the only Palladian ville I have seen are Villa Contarini in Piazzola sulla Brenta and the crumbling Villa Gazzotti in Bertesina (which I pass on my daily run route). I need to remedy this. I aim to visit one of the sites at least each week, and hopefully post pics and interesting tidbits about them here. As if the almost 30 villas to pick from isn't daunting enough, I will also visit other villas around Vicenza such as Villa Valmarana ai Nani which, although not done by an architect as well-known as Palladio, are beautiful enough on their own to be visited and appreciated. Standby...

Summer flea market in front of Villa Contarini (attribution to Palladio is controversial)

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