Friday, March 4, 2011

Graffitti Fridays: Genova

I'm all about organizing my thoughts into sets, so here is another "series" entry. As any dismayed visitor to Italy knows, the country is covered in graffitti. Not just a bit of paint in some crumbling walls, but downright heartbreaking remnants of some kid's voyage into delinquency left on otherwise ancient or beautiful monuments. The results run the gamut: poetry, intricate stencils, or entire statue faces or heads covered in neon paint. For this series, I will post a single photo of a graffitti I found that was either beautiful or awful. Not just in Italy however, because innovative graffitti can be found in other, equally "infested" cities across the continent. (There won't be much description though. I just want each post to be almost like a snapshot of street art and urban decay/renewal. Also, I want to post these on Fridays, and usually I'm too busy to write anything on Fridays.)

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